Welcome to Shaw Island School!

Welcome to Shaw Island School! Located in the San Juan Islands, we are the smallest of the islands with ferry service. The Shaw Island School only has two rooms and from 10 to 20 students grades K-8. It is one of the smallest single-school districts in Washington.





An Open Letter to the Community

The Shaw Island School Board will soon be appointing two new members to fill two (2) unexpired terms.  The School Board will be assuming the responsibilities of Principal and Superintendent for the 2014/2015 school year.  As a result, new Members will be asked to take on extra duties to cover the different tasks necessary to keep the school properly functioning.  We are seeking people who possess the following qualifications:

•Strong interest in education and in children and youth;

•Experience with team-based decision making in the public or private sector;

•Balanced decision-making, with an understanding of the importance of community culture and traditions;

•Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, especially related to policy interpretation and making;

•Ability to listen and consider all the relevant aspects for teachers, staff, students and community of an issue;

•Strong communication skills, especially regarding ability to connect with office staff, teachers and community;

•Knowledge of educational programs;

•Must be a registered voter on Shaw Island

Shaw School District regular Board Meetings are held monthly on the Tuesday following the tenth (10th) of each month.  Special Meetings and Board Retreats are scheduled as needed.

Anyone interested in the position should submit a letter of interest to the Shaw School Office. The interviews for this position will be held during a Special Board Meeting.









Shaw Island School District

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